Collection: Kolorlan Colouring Journals

The Kolorlan Colouring Journals are specially designed to invite you to explore your inner world and begin reconnecting to your true Self. That may sound a little "airy-fairy", so let me explain.

Early life experiences for all of us lead us to dissociate from different parts of ourselves. This happens unconsciously and always as a survival mechanism led by the nervous system. So, we don't even recognise that we are disconnected. But if you have ever had experiences where you seem to self-sabotage and can't understand how or why that's happening, this is the symptom of that disconnection. You are witnessing your different parts at war internally. If you can develop a practice to begin seeing those disconnected parts and inviting them gently back into conscious awareness and acceptance, then you will find that life feels more peaceful and goes more smoothly. You will be empowered to overcome any sort of challenge.

There are many practices you can try: I developed the Kolorlan System because I enjoy working with colour and shape. This system is rooted in Colour Therapy and Sacred Geometry, both of which were recognised healing modalities in ancient times, but are now, sadly, considered rather woo-woo. You don't have to understand these systems in order to benefit from the relaxation of colouring, but if you are interested in learning more, I invite you to visit

The collection of colouring journals is expanding as I create more geometric designs. Each product listing includes a video showing you exactly what is in the listed journal. I recommend using the Kolorlan gel pens and you may also wish to explore the Kolorlan colour card deck to deepen your practice.

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