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The Kolorlan System

Gel Pens for the Kolorlan System

Gel Pens for the Kolorlan System

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Unleash your creativity and find inner peace with our Gel Pens for the Kolorlan System. These 15 high quality gel pens are specially designed to help you connect with your true Self through the power of color. Whether you use them for adult colouring, stress relief, relaxation, or to return to wholeness, these pens will help you achieve a sense of calm and mindfulness. Let the colours guide you on a journey of self-discovery.

The 15 colours correlate to the 15 Chakras used in the Kolorlan System and are designed to match the Kolorlan colour cards.

Use the pens with the Kolorlan colouring journal, or to create beautiful wall art or greetings cards. Everything you need is sold here in the Kolorlan System shop.

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