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The Kolorlan System

5" Square Postcard - Spirit in Body Design

5" Square Postcard - Spirit in Body Design

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Unwind and unleash your creativity with our 5" Square Postcard - Spirit in Body Design. Use the Kolorlan System to reconnect with your true Self and explore your inner world through colour and Sacred Geometry. Perfect for adult colouring, relaxation, and mindfulness. Frame your beautiful art and add a touch of inspiration to your space.

High quality printed card, 360gsm weight. Use the Kolorlan gel pens to colour your image. The practice cards and colour cards from the Kolorlan System can be used to guide you to the optimal colour combination. Check out the image gallery and short, inspirational video to get a sense of how this single design can metamorphose through the use of different colour combinations.

This is one of many designs available from the Kolorlan System shop. We have more square postcards like this, and also 4" x 6" (10cm x 15cm) - A6 size - cards available too.

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