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The Kolorlan System

A5 Greetings Cards - Empowerment Design

A5 Greetings Cards - Empowerment Design

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Send love to the special people in your life with our A5 Greetings Cards. Personalize and colour each card with the Kolorlan System, enjoying relaxation as you create your unique gift. Share with friends and family to spread joy and connection. Choose the perfect colours to send a heartfelt personal message to your loved ones. Suitable for any occasion.

Each card comes with envelope and inset guiding you how to choose the perfect colours for the message you wish to express. Sold in an environmentally friendly, compostable bag, these cards will fit the standard letter size postage rates.

The Empowerment design is one of many that are available in the A5 range. Take a look at the images to see the design in detail and some inspirational colour options for that design. Watch the 2-minute inspirational video showcasing all our current designs and what each can become once coloured.

A5 cards are available in a range of different designs and we also have smaller A6 cards with even more designs. So, check those out as well. You can find all of them within the Arts and Gifts collection.

You might like to pair your card with a set of Kolorlan gel pens to colour it, and the Kolorlan colour cards to help you select colours that will convey your personal message.

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