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The Kolorlan System

The Complete Kolorlan System

The Complete Kolorlan System

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Unlock your creativity and connect with your inner self using The Complete Kolorlan System. This adult colouring and journaling practice is designed to empower and inspire you on your journey of self-discovery. Experience the therapeutic benefits of colouring and journaling in one comprehensive system.

The complete Kolorlan System gives you everything you need to begin your journey of empowerment and create beautiful art. Presented in a beautiful gift box, you will receive:

  • A set of 45 colour cards relating to your 15 Chakras
  • A set of 5 practice cards to guide your exploration
  • 15 stunning geometric postcards to colour
  • The Harmonic Patterns colouring journal with 45 beautiful geometric mandalas and space for journaling
  • The Kolorlan gel pens, uniquely created to match the 15 key Chakra colours
  • Your Kolorlan guidebook which explains the system, the colour meanings and will guide you through your daily practices
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